About FishPaper Roll Co.

This website is specifically designed to offer the largest variety of Fish Paper in the industry for Telecom Equipment Installers, Cellular Tower Installers, Original  Equipment Manufacturers, Power Utilities and Hobbyist. We pride ourselves with the most competitive prices for FishPaper in the business for these applications.

If you find a better price for our Fish Paper we will evaluate it for a price match or to beat that pricing to win your business.

…What makes us different:

Our Fish Paper Rolls are never joined and are professionally measured, rolled and packed. We offer the largest variety of roll sizes to suit your needs and provide the most economical solutions.

…one more money saving thing:

We take short pieces from the ends of our master rolls and round down our pricing to the nearest 10 foot length for extra value.

Example: A roll between 30 ft. and 39 ft. long will be priced and sold as a 30ft. FishPaper roll.


You can place your order on-line using your AMAZON account credentials


You can place your order on-line using any credit card through PAYPAL  or your paypal account but a paypal account is not required.


You can call us at 1-407-979-4917 to place your order over the phone during normal business hours 9-5 Eastern Time


Email us at info@fishpaperroll.com with our order details and contact info and we will call you right back

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